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8 Profitable Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants

After 35 years of service what next? Have you ever given it a thought, a thought of what next after collecting your gratuity? There are so many good business ideas available for retired civil servants. All you need to do is to become aware of your environment and prepare yourself for every opportunity that comes your way, using any of the top profitable business ideas provided in this article.
  1. Private Tutor

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Starting a private tutoring service in your home is the best and profitable business idea for a retired teacher. You can choose to tutor children in your neighbourhood, especially those preparing for an external examination. The only requirement here is to have knowledge of various school subjects like English Language, Mathematics, Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Fine art, etc.

2.    Cake Making

Some senior civil servants still in service often dabble into cake making which is a very profitable business ideas as a lot of people celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. On a daily basis and this set of people require someone to bake cakes for them; this business idea requires less energy and capital. First of all you will have to learn how to bake cakes of different varieties to suite your customers need and secondly you need to meet people and advertise your business. 

3. Repairing Services

These days a lot of people prefer retired civil servants who are talented in repairing and fixing things to make some repairs for them because of their full experience in the field. You can leverage this opportunity as a retired civil servant if you are talented in fixing things like gadgets, electronic appliances or other devices.

4.   Poultry farming

This is a very lucrative business to engage in as a retiree. It requires proper research and learning before starting. This business is very profitable that requires less capital.

5.    Event planning

The best thing about event planning is that you work on contract basis. If you have a knack for good decorations then this is certainly for you. It is very profitable and most times contracts are to be completed during weekends.

6.    Recharge Card Business

The demand to buy and load recharge card in Nigeria has been on the increase since the invention of mobile phones. You can either print this voucher yourself or supply to retailers or you buy from those that print the vouchers at low price to sell at a higher price. This business requires a small amount of capital to start.

7.   Content Writing and Blogging

Blogging is an online business of making know to the public your ideas on a particular selected niche through the World Wide Web. There are many resources or platforms where you can learn how to create a blog and monitize it. To learn how to create your own blog Click here.

8. Freelance writing

I suggest this idea for those who cannot handle the stress of blogging but know how to write and compose a comprehensive idea to the public. Many websites today are ready to pay freelancers who are ready and can write unique articles.

Social media has made it even more possible today to advertise your business, you can advertise on some sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

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