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All You Need To Know About Coronavirus

Here some basic things you need to know about the Virus:

• Coronavirus is more ruthless and more contagious than the flu. Take it seriously but don’t panic.

• The elderly and immune-compromised are highly at-risk, although everyone can get sick.

• If you are sick stay home, self-Isolate and then call your doctor.

• Practice social distancing. Keep away from large gatherings, or small gatherings in tight spaces. Those that are under the category of high-risk persons with any underlying conditions should stay at home.

 • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer is also a backup option.

• Cough into a sleeves. Don’t forget to Wash hands after coughing.  And Avoid touching your face.

• Sterilize things you touch frequently, things like computers, phones, keys, and tablets.

• If you have a prescription of drugs you are taking, call your doctor and request for a 3 month supply in case of drug shortages.

Stay Safe!!!

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