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Breaking News: Coronavirus May be Transmitted Sexually

The minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, has said that there is a very high possibility of coronavirus being transmitted Sexually.

While addressing the press during an emergency press conference in Abuja on Thursday, he also mentioned that he believes that if someone is positive and has sexual contact with another who is Negative the virus can be transmitted.

Although this is still subjected to scientific research as coronavirus is a new disease and so many researches are ongoing to determine the means of transmission.
Though some scientists have claimed that this coronavirus cannot be transmitted sexually except via oral sex.  

Jessica Justman, a scientist who spoke with The Guardian UK, said that they have not seen any guide that gives this indication. She advised that when a partner is a coronavirus case, it is better to stay clear of each other as much as possible.

 Although It has already been proven that coronavirus can be transmitted from one person to another and can primarily spread through respiratory droplets. Touching infected surfaces is said to be the secondary means of transmission.

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