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Breaking News: Footballer Abdelhak Nouri Awakes From Coma After 32 Months

The Dutch football giants, Ajax Midfielder, Abdelhak Nouri, 22 year old who had suffered a cardiac arrest during a match finally wakes up after two years, eight months and 19 days.

The player's brother Abderrahim said that he had woken up and also showed signs of life, Dutch daily De Telegraaf gave this report late on Thursday night.

Abderrahim told the Amsterdam-based newspaper that:

"It is going well with Appie [Abdelhak]. Yes, He's awake, he's asleep, he's eating, he's burping, but he's not getting out of bed. At good times there is a form of communication, then he moves his eyebrows. He just can't keep it up for long, that seems to be top sport for him."

He also added that:

 Abdelhak Nouri was at home with his family and is very much "aware of where he is".

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