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CAF Postpones 2021 Afican Cup of Nations qualifiers

CAF Postpones 2021 African Cup of Nations qualifiers due to the Coronavirus epidemic.
The qualifiers was meant to hold from 21-25 March , CAF said they made the decision to postpone the qualifiers to protect the health and safety of stakeholders including players, sponsors, match officials and broadcasters.

In a statement published by CAF on Friday evening; " WHO has declared Coronavirus as a pandemic. Only few cases have been reported In Africa, but the situation could evolve negatively. Quite a lot of players, who were supposed to play the Afcon qualifiers come from countries which have been severely affected by the virus (Europe, Asia), many African governments have taken strong restrictions on travels; lock down, quarantine for people coming from countries affected by the virus. Several clubs now refuse to release their players for the next international matches.” 

Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus has been declared world wide as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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