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Compulsorily Vaccination: New yellow card policy in effect.

yellow fever card given to persons after vaccination

Compulsorily vaccination: New yellow card policy in effect.

The Yellow Card is an international health certificate of vaccination (ICV). This is issued by the World Health Organisation. This card is accepted internationally and may be vital for entry to certain countries where there are amplified health risks for travellers. This card is usually given to a person after vaccination against Yellow Fever.

After the Federal Government mandated airlines to make the Yellow Card a compulsory prerequisite for all travellers, many passengers were stuck at different airports in the world. The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, in an interview yesterday said passengers with no valid Yellow card can no longer be approved to board flights at Nigeria international airports.

According to the authority, this is in accordance with the order from the Federal Ministry of Health that airlines operating International and regional flights should initiate the full implementation of the use of the Yellow card as a requirement for travel.

In a memo to the affected airlines signed by the General Manager, Aero-medical Standards, Dr. Wilfred Haggai representing the Director-General, NCAA explains “this is coming on the heels of the review of the operationalization of Nigeria point of entry policy on the prevention and control of cross border transmission of yellow fever”. According to the memo, “the review of the policy has arisen because of the persuasive priority of the ongoing entry screening at points of entry by Port Health Services for covid19”. “The NCAA yesterday called on all airlines to commune the policy to their passengers. The policy review took effect on 11th March 2020”.

According to the memo a passenger coming into Nigeria that does not have a yellow card is to be approved to board. Once they arrive the Port Health Services will decide if there is need for vaccination against for Yellow fever. This yellow card policy at the moment has already been put to action by the Nigerian Immigration Service at Lagos International airport as passengers without this card are turned back.

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