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Coronavirus: 10-year-old ‘without symptoms’ of coronavirus tests positive in UK

An undisclosed school in Plymouth, UK, detailed this in a letter sent to parents and staff through email.
The unidentified girl, who was primarily assumed to have tonsillitis, later tested positive for coronavirus.
The girl’s temperature had read 41.6C and caused convulsions. Furthermore, she had red skin, throat ulcer, severe pain in leg and body. Though, she did not have a dry, persistent cough.
“The head teacher has spoken to her parents this morning and she is starting to be able to sit up and move around for short periods of time,” the letter from the school read. Hopefully this is the beginning of her recovery. Antibiotics did not help with this virus and the parents have only been able to give her paracetamol. Please monitor your children and yourselves carefully for symptoms, stay at home and stay safe.”
Clarence House, royal residence in London, had confirmed that the Prince Charles of Wales tested positive for COVID-19.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson had ordered a lock-down in the country, prohibiting public gatherings of more than two people.
According to Worldometer, the UK currently has  about 8,264 cases of this virus with 435 deaths recorded already.

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