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coronavirus: 958 confirmed cases in Finland, Uusimaa to be sealed off, 5 deaths reported.

On Thursday afternoon, 958 lab confirmed Coronavirus cases was recorded in Finland, by the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The new figure represents the increase of 78 new cases since Wednesday.
The real number of people with coronavirus in Finland might be 20-30 times greater than the confirmed rate, according to previous statements made by the Director General of the Institute for Health and Welfare, Markku Tervahauta.

The agency reported that:
“ 96 patients were in hospital, 24 of whom require intensive care. The Institute for Health and Welfare reported that several patients who needed hospital care have since recovered.The disease has claimed the lives of five people in Finland, as of Thursday, according to data gotten from all the hospital quarters round the country.”
The agency said;
“ The majority of the confirmed Covid-19 cases have been mild.”
More than half of all confirmed infections in Finland have been diagnosed in Uusimaa. The government is preparing emergency laws to provisionally seal off travel to and from the region in an effort to avoid spread of the virus across other parts of the country.

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