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Coronavirus: Finland researchers says Coronavirus outbreak to last until summer.

Assumption that summer heat might edge the spread of the virus offers faith for a little window of release in Finland.

Period of the covid-19 pandemic in Finland -- or at least its first wave -- is expected to last at least until the middle of summer in Finland, according to a new analysis.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has been at work with different universities to try and model the likely period of the outburst in Finland. The Social Affairs and Health Ministry permanent secretary Kirsi Varhila presented the results of the work on Yle's A-studio conversation programme on Tuesday.

she Said;
"At best we are talking about 120 days -- so we are looking at a scale of three to four months,".
From the analysis, the first week of the epidemic was counted from the beginning of March; 120 days from that takes the calculation to end of June to early July.

A smaller period for the epidemic would also mean more people contracting the virus during the peak of the epidemic. According to Varhila, it would be better to prolong the time frame to avoid overtaxing the public healthcare system, maybe to 160 days or until the end of summer.

Varhila pointed out however, that the data she presented was a prediction. She therefore added that limitations on large meetings have already enhanced the projections in the model. But she also added that it would be additional two weeks before the effect of social distancing processes could be calculated.

Further limitations, including a decision to restrict movement between the Uusimaa region and the rest of the country are probable to be employed by Friday.

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