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Coronavirus: France Evacuates 260 Citizens From Nigeria

On Thursday March 26th 2020, 260 French citizens were airlifted from Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos state to Paris following an approval given by the Federal Government to an appeal by the Air France General Manager in Nigeria, Mr. Michel Colleau. 

Air France General Manager Mr. Michel Colleau had asked for permission for the airline to land in Lagos to evacuate Dutch and French citizens trapped in Nigeria since after the shutting down of all the major international airports in Nigeria.

The appeal was approved by the Nigeria Government through the Ministry of Aviation and had granted the permission for the Air France/KLM flight to work on the platform of necessary flights.

An Air France aircraft arrived to Nigeria via Cotonou at 2.05pm today, and with all pre-boarding official procedure completed, French citizens boarded the aircraft which later took off by 3.44 pm Nigerian time. This evacuation exercise is expected to continue from April 2nd and end April 9th 2020.

 Airport General Manager in Lagos, Mrs Victoria Shinnaba in a statement confirmed that the airline has three special flights to operate.
She said that:  
“We have one or two flights that will be coming in to pick their nationals, KLM is coming in today, there are three flights not only today, we have the approval, their crew are not even coming down, the crew will not come out at all.”

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