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Coronavirus: US Ranks Third On List of Countries with Highest Cases

The United States is now ranking third in the list of countries with the highest cases of Coronavirus worldwide, they have a total of 26,747 diagnosed cases of COVID-19.

The number of deaths due to coronavirus globally has been summed up to be more than 13,000 by WHO. As the number of cases increases, some states in the US have given a stay at home order for its residents. Oregon issued this order on Friday night, states that have already made this order includes New York, California and Illinois. COVID-19 since it started has spread to every part of the continent except Antarctica.

306,000 COVID-19 cases has been diagnosed worldwide and at least 13,301 deaths has been attributed to the disease, according to a data compiled by the system science and engineering department at Johns Hopkins University, it was also stated that about 92,000 persons has recovered from this virus worldwide.

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