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Coronavirus: Wuhan Eases Lockdown as Workers go back to work

Wuhan, the core of the coronavirus outbreak in China, has just loosened its two month lock-down on the people with movements to some extent restored as they are steadily overcoming the virus and returning to their normal life. 

UK Guardian, confirms little groups of people in the central Chinese city were seen on Monday leaving their residents, going to grocery stores and walking along the streets for the first time in weeks. 

The publication gave information that the first train arrived in the city carrying more than 1,000 workers from somewhere else in the province back to the city for work at the weekend. 

There have also been reports of traffic jams in Beijing on Monday morning. This is coming in a day after the local authorities said residents could begin work if they did not have a temperature and could make available a green health code, signifying that they are virus-free as well as a certificate from their employer. 

Gradually the city would reopen and public means of transportation would resume too. The city authorities said that non-residents and those stuck in Wuhan since the travel ban on 23rd January,2020, could now start applying to leave the city

The authorities have also confirmed that a drastic drop of the locally transmitted infections in China over the last weeks, but imported cases continues to rise.

On Monday 23rd March, 2020, China reported 39 new cases of coronavirus from the previous day 22nd March, 2020, all of this new 39 cases were from imported cases, this report is in accordance with China’s National Health Commission. 

China has recorded over 81,000 cases and the death toll has also risen to 3,270. Globally, 350,457 cases of coronavirus has been confirmed with 15, 317 deaths in record, while a total of 100,354 people have recovered from this virus. 

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