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Covid-19: Madrid launches coronavirus app

With Spain’s coronavirus death toll increasing daily, the Madrid region has launched an app to help anyone feeling unwell to evaluate their symptoms themselves without calling the overburdened call centres.

This application is currently available online at The regional government said on Thursday that:

“The tool will be made available within days as a mobile application. This application aims to help avoid the collapse of the Madrid region’s telephone helplines. Carry out this self-test only if you think you’re showing symptoms,”
He urged the residents to
 “be responsible”. It evaluates symptoms regularly and offers instructions and recommendations in accordance with the results.”
Spain has since seen cases of COVID-19 grow under the past 10 days, and stands as the fourth worst-hit country in the world, with 17,147 cases and 767 deaths. Madrid has suffered the impact of the epidemic, registering about 6,777 cases or approximately 40 percent of total. It has also suffered 498 deaths across Spain.

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