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Hangout Conferencing: Google's List of Recommended Hardwares

As millions of people have started working from home due to coronavirus outbreak, Google’s Hangouts Meet video conferencing tool has ended up with more users. Recently, Google has published a list of recommended hardware’s for users to pick up from for Hangouts Meet these including webcams and headsets.

Spotted by the folks over at Android Police, this list of recommended hardware was published on Google’s support forums. This list includes webcams and headsets that would provide a great experience with Hangouts Meet conferencing.

All of these products is up to Google’s standard and requirements  for the Hangouts Meet hardware peripheral qualification program, meaning that these recommended hardware’s will work perfectly fine with Hangouts Meet, without the other bits of software. Everything on this list works with Chrome OS.  And the producers of these products have agreed to long-term support.


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