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Satan is the god of this world - Said Daddy Freeze as he mocks those involved in social media challenge

- Daddy Freeze on social media criticize those participating in the social media challenge #hesgotthewholewordchallenge .

- The challenge which contains singing the common Christian song started following the coronavirus disease.

 - Daddy Freeze in an Instagram video, scorned people who sang the song.

 - According to him (Daddy Freeze), satan is the god of this world adding that Nigerians donated to churches rather than the hospitals considering the problem we are facing now.

The challenge which involves people recording themselves singing the popular Christian song, He's Got the Whole World, was first started by Tyler Perry following the coronavirus plague, which many Nigerians seem to have picked it up.
Well, Daddy Freeze is not here for it, therefore has taken it to social media to share his opinions on the Nigerians doing the challenge. In a video shared no his Instagram page, he made jest of people singing the song and stated that satan was the god of this world.

He accused them of giving their monies to churches while the country is lacking well equipped hospitals.
 He then stated that only countries who have developed themselves can partake in the challenge.He said;
 "You rejected the truth and chase after myth and think a song can save you. Are you living right? Do you know who God is? Which of the gods has the world in his hands? The one you disobeyed or the one you're giving your money to? It's not about singing songs, it's about obeying God and knowing Who he truly is?"
'You're paying your tithes and you refuse to build hospitals. You're donating to churches. We have hundred thousand-seater churches in Nigeria but we do not have well-equipped hospitals. How many respirators do we have? It's not about singing songs. Let the nations who have built themselves up sing songs," Freeze said.

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