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Top 10 Business Ideas For Undergraduates

You only need to see the opportunities around you to make it as an entrepreneur, this article considers the top 10 business ideas for undergraduates.

1.       Transport Services
Means of transportation in our Nigerian University environment is at a very high demand. Students are always in a hurry to submit and assignment or take a quiz or even exams. Many universities provide means of transportation for students which are still not enough. You can leverage this opportunity to start your own business. You can even transport the students to anywhere in the campus faster and watch them start calling you for your services.

2.       Food Delivery/ canteen
This is another profitable business idea. If you have great cooking skills you can make money from it. You can add delivery services and watch Students and like-wise staffs call you to make orders for food to be delivered to them. This actually saves them the trouble of searching for a nice place to eat or even trekking to a restaurant.

3.       Photocopying and Typing Services
Photocopying and Typing services are always in high demand in a university environment. You can make a lot of money by just placing your photocopying machine near a lecture hall. So many students will come to you for services on their term paper, assignment, research topic and even project work.

4.       Barbing/Hair Styling Saloon
This idea is very profitable especially when this saloon is located near the hostels for easy access to students.

5.       Provision Store
Some students especially those in the hostels who don’t go home often rely on this type of stores to sustain themselves till school closes for the semester. This type of store is best situated near the school hostels.

6.       Dry Cleaning Services
This type of service is very lucrative and is best situated around staff quarter and school hostels.

7.       Photography and Video Services
So many students love taking pictures especially when the act of pre-wedding and pre-birthday pictures are trending. Some may need your services during the matriculation and convocation day.

8.       Make-up Artist
You will amazed at the type of patronage this particular business will fetch you. All you have to do is get your makeup kit ready and pay for a shed near the hostel especially girls hostels.

9.       Sales of Books and other Academic Materials
You can boost your income by making available books or academic materials to any particular group of students. This idea is also targeted at a particular group of customers and it depends on which of them will give you more money.

10.   Sales of Trendy wears
This is sure to fetch you more money as no student on campus will like to look dull, everyone wants to look sharp on campus in the latest trendy wears.

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