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Ultimate Guide to Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2020

Mini importation is a small scale online business that involves less amount of energy and small amount of capital to import goods from china or USA at a very low price. This business is very lucrative and highly profitable if a proper guide is followed. I will be listing some major guide in this post which if followed will usher you into a financially independent life.
1. Planning 
This is the very first and important step. Planning involves making research into which products are more in demand and how much profit you will make from selling that product, it also involves making a survey of your market environment. There are many places from which you can get products at a cheaper price to sell, so the next thing to do here is to select the particular country you would like to purchase from considering the product in demand and the cost of importing it into Nigeria. 
Here is a list of tested and trusted mini importation sites to buy from.
Remember to check the buyers rating the products of whichever site you choose to buy from, a 90% rating is good to avoid falling into the hands of scammers. Also remember to read customers reviews to know what to expect from the site and also the type of customer service the site provides.
2. Payment and Shipping 
you are expected to paying using your ATM card. Currently, some banks in Nigeria don’t normally allow international transactions using the Naira Mastercard or Visa card, though GT Bank allows its customers to do so freely. Do make sure to find out if your bank allows this type of transaction. The price of the goods is usually in dollars and as such, the Nigerian Naira value is going to be one of the issue here as it keep fluctuating every now and then but if you do your research well, you would not fall into loss. Some of the business offers free shipping. However, it could take up to 60 days to get delivered and you can’t even track them in transit in most cases. It is better you go for the paid ones which however, are pricey but efficient and you can even get your imported goods in a week. Just make sure you have a traceable address where the goods can be delivered.
3. Sales  
Once your goods are on its way you have to start marketing them so that selling them when they arrive wouldn’t be a problem. You can meet up with local retailers you might be lucky to even land a contract with them to always supply them goods. You can also utilize the social media to advertise your products.

This is business is very simple and does not require much energy and capital depends on how big you want to start. If you follow this steps above you  will surely be very successful in your mini importation business.

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