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14 Tips To Help Cancer Patients Take Care Of Themselves

Cancer patients need to eat healthy, drink lots of water, relax ... to have an effective treatment and recovery process. 

Healthy eating
Fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains give cancer patients more energy than junk food. They can also help minimize side effects in treatment, maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of infection. 
Healthy foods can help minimize side effects in treatment, maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of infection. Photo: Everday Health.

Eating a moderate amount of good food can also promote recovery after treatment. However, cancer patients must focus on the immune system, be careful with raw foods, always wash fruits and vegetables, avoid alfalfa sprouts and prioritize use with pasteurized products.

Drink a lot of water
When the body is dehydrated, the cells work harder. Therefore, cancer patients should drink about eight glasses of water 200ml a day to help the body balance minerals. Patients may need more water to help combat the side effects of exhausting body such as vomiting, diarrhea ...

Advocacy helps improve morale and health. If the patient is new to exercise, talk to your doctor before starting. Most cancer patients should start exercising at low intensity, about 30 minutes a day, then gradually increase with the condition.

                               Advocacy helps improve morale and health. Photo:  Pinterest
Regular exercise not only makes the person feel better, but it can also help prevent some cancers from returning.

Take time to relax
Physical activity is important for cancer patients but it should not be over exercised. Listen to the body, when feeling tired, the sick should go to rest, use energy appropriately. 
A helpful tip to balance out these two things is to write down a to-do list over time and do it. 

Willingness to adapt to side effects
When living with cancer, knowledge is power, so patients should read about the typical side effects that can occur during and after treatment. That can give the person a sense of control over what is about to happen to the body, ready to adapt. 

Share feelings
Patients should talk openly with family, friends, psychological counseling ... about what they feel. This can help patients better manage their emotions, prevent mental symptoms that often occur in parallel with diagnosing cancer.

Calm down
Reducing stress is something every cancer patient needs to do. The less worried, the better the body fights the disease. There are many ways to relax and relax like learning meditation, relaxation techniques, tai chi or aromatherapy.

To go massage
Massaging sore muscles can help relieve pain and stress. However, before proceeding, it is advisable to talk to the doctor first because massage is not applicable to everyone. Then, go to a licensed massage therapist to do this method. 

Try acupuncture
This is a traditional Chinese treatment dating back thousands of years. The therapist will stick thin needles to specific points on the skin to help relieve nausea and pain associated with cancer. However, care must be taken if patients take blood thinners or have low blood volume.

Add flavorings
Some scents can soothe stomachs of cancer patients. This can be done by dropping fragrant essential oils into bath water or diffusing them into indoor air. 
Some massage therapists also use aromatherapy as part of therapy to help patients relieve pain, stress ...

Faced with financial situation
Most cancer treatment and care costs are very high. Therefore, patients need to learn as much as possible before starting treatment to financially estimate. Patients and families can seek an advisor to find optimal options and scientific planning.

Listening to music
Music can elevate a patient's mood. Trained music therapists can guide patients to listen to songs, write lyrics, play an instrument ... to help control nausea, vomiting and pain. 

Get enough sleep
Good sleep plays a huge role in the patient's physical and mental health but cancer makes it difficult for them to do so. Therefore, cancer patients can try relaxation techniques, exercise sleep habits, therapy or even medication. 

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