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18 Million Fraudulent Emails About Covid-19 Appeared In A Week-Google

Google has detected more than 18 million phishing emails related to Covid-19 of 240 million spam in the past week.

Phishing emails contain content that impersonates the government and reputable organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the letter, crooks tried to redirect to "charitable" pages that they designed themselves or tricked users into downloading malware to steal data.
A phishing email has content about Covid-19.

"Email and phishing threats are not new, but have been on the rise recently, targeting users who are working from home, exploiting their fears and confusion around Covid- 19 ", a Google spokeswoman said.

In early April, Microsoft also discovered nearly 60,000 emails containing malicious attachments or links related to Covid-19 sent every day, accounting for 2% of fraudulent emails.
 "Nearly every country around the globe has witnessed at least one phishing email attack involving Covid-19," said Rob Lefferts, vice president of Microsoft 365 Security.

                         A global map of Covid-19-themed attacks was recorded by Microsoft.
In Vietnam, according to Kaspersky statistics in March, about 23 malware were attached to emails, disguised in popular files like * .pdf, * .mp4 or * .docx, with content about Covid- 19 sent to multiple users. If you click on these emails, their data will be encrypted, modified, downloaded to the remote server silently, as well as there are other interventions to the infected computer.

Experts warn users not to click on links or email attachments.
It is best to delete if a suspect is attacked. Besides, should backup data, update anti-virus software and the latest operating system version to limit the risk of hacker attacks.

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