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27 Pupils And Teachers Becomes Infected With COVID-19 After Returning To School

Twenty-seven students and teachers in Shenzhen, China were identified as Covid-19 positive. This has raised concerns in the context of China sending millions of students back to school.

The disease is showing signs of being under control in China as the number of infections and deaths has dropped significantly, there are days when new cases are not even recorded. Wuhan - the outbreak today also announced the release of Covid-19 patient hospital, meaning that the capital of Hubei Province is no longer infected by virus patients. 

With the positive signs of the epidemic, China decided to send nearly 35 million students back to school. 

However, the time to return to school is not long, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, announced 21 more students and 6 teachers infected with Covid-19. 

The incident was announced by Wu Bing, vice chairman of the Shenzhen Health Committee at a meeting on anti-epidemic and school protection briefing on April 22, according to the Global Times. According to Wu Bing, 21 students infected with the corona virus include 10 elementary students, 7 high school students and 4 college students.

Wu said to fully prevent the possibility of cross-contamination in schools, students and teachers from Wuhan to Shenzhen after April 8 must be isolated and health monitoring for 14 days; test nucleic acid twice in 7 days. In addition, teachers, employees who have close contact with students, must also be tested before returning to school.

The decision to open schools was made after three months of China's strict blockade, forcing people at home, schools, restaurants and public places to close to curb Covid-19's spread. The country has almost managed to control the epidemic, with the number of new cases daily maintained at low levels, mostly imported, and no more deaths recorded. 

Epidemic began to decline, the Chinese provinces announced the class schedule. Some places, such as southern Guangdong province and eastern Zhejiang province, require students and teachers from other regions to test before re-learning.

The provinces of Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Sichuan and some other localities recorded an increase in SARS-CoV-2 infection, postponing the return to school.

The total number of infections in China is now nearly 83,000, with more than 4,600 dead. However, China's National Health Commission warned that prevention measures must still be maintained and people need to be vigilant, as corona virus continues to spread globally without showing signs of slowing down.

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