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3 Common Causes Of Female Hormones

Hormones play an important role in women's health. When hormones decline, it will have a significant impact on health. So why do women suffer from hormonal decline?

The role of female hormones

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bay (Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy) said that hormones play an important role in the health of women, it helps maintain normal menstruation and ensure the function of birth. products for women. 

Female hormones include estrogen and progesterone. The ovaries are responsible for producing these two hormones, accounting for about 80-85%. The rest of the body's organs are also involved in hormone production.
When the hormone estrogen is produced, it enters the bloodstream, then circulates to every organ in the body, attaches to each cell in each organ and will function to protect that organ. For example, when estrogen reaches the skin, it will retain water and elasticity, which keeps the skin smooth; or when estrogen reaches the bone, it resists bone resorption and binds calcium into the sheath to keep bones strong.
Female hormones will decline over time, but the process of fast or slow decline depends on a lot of factors.

Why do women suffer from hormonal decline?
According to Dr. Bay, women with hormonal decline are usually due to a number of the following causes:

Due to the natural aging process

Organs will age over time, including the ovaries. As we know, the ovaries are the main organ that produces hormones for the female body. However, as the age increases, the ovaries also face aging, the ovaries shrink and hormone production is significantly reduced.
When the ovary shrinks as a result of aging, other organs produce hormones to maintain a certain amount of hormone in a woman's body.


The process of pregnancy and childbirth will reduce the hormones in the body. Dr. Bay said that when pregnant women and women born lipstick will suffer many "injuries" such as heavy bearing, pain, blood loss, breastfeeding, ... these factors not only affect health in general but also affects the pituitary gland, thereby affecting the production of hormone production. 
However, if during the pregnancy and after the birth, the woman is concerned, the spirit is always happy and comfortable, there will be less influence and the hormone will not decline much.

Use of birth control pills
Birth control pills that reduce hormones (Source: Internet)
Birth control pill is one of the safe methods of contraception used by many women. However, Dr. Bay said, if you use long-term contraceptives, the drug will replace the ovaries produce natural hormones, then, you will unknowingly facilitate ovarian atrophy sooner. After stopping the use of drugs, hormonal decline occurs when the ovaries shrink.
Therefore, women should use birth control pills only when absolutely necessary.

Should hormonal decline be used instead?
When hormonal decline, women can face many problems such as:

Vaginal dryness , burning pain when having sex;
Increased urinary tract infections due to thin urethra;
Inflammation of the vaginal mucosa;
Irregular menstruation;

Therefore, when hormonal decline, many women have resorted to using hormonal alternatives to avoid these problems.

However, Dr. Bay recommends that women should only take hormone replacement when absolutely necessary. Because hormone replacement sometimes does not meet the desired because it depends on the location of each person. In addition, if you want to use hormones instead, you should consult experts, doctors to avoid unwanted side effects.

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