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32 Applications That Cause Unjust Money, iPhone Users Need To Remove Immediately

Recently, security research firm Sophos Labs (UK) has published a list of 32 applications on the iOS platform that iPhone and iPad users should remove from their devices immediately.
According to security experts at Sophos Labs, these applications were originally introduced by the developers as "free" and available for download on the App Store. However, these are essentially applications that only allow a trial period of 3 to 7 days. After the trial period, these applications will automatically charge users with a sky-high.

For example, some applications will charge $ 9 / week or $ 30 / month. Even some other applications will quietly charge users annually with the amount up to 360 USD or 468 USD.
“Many people think that these applications are free and installed on their devices. When you open the app for the first time, it will inform you of the 'free trial period' and ask users to fill in credit card information, or sign up to activate more advanced features. However, most users do not read the terms and the application will automatically charge after the end of the trial period, with a very high fee, ”experts said.
According to Sophos experts, in case you have ever installed one of these applications on your device, in addition to removing them, you also need to unsubscribe from using these applications. To do this, access the settings on the device, click on the "Apple ID" at the top, then select "Subscriptions" from the interface that appears. Here, you can unsubscribe with suspicious applications from the list.

Below is a list of 32 iOS apps that users should immediately remove from their device:

1. Seer App: Face, Horoscope, Palm
2. Selfie Art - Photo Editor
3. Palmistry Decoder
4. Lucky Life - Future Seer
5. Life Palmistry - AI Palm & Tag
6. Picsjoy-Cartoon Effect Editor
7. Aging seer - Faceapp, Horoscope
8. Face Aging Scan - AI Age Camera
9. Face Reader - Horoscope Secret
10. Horoscope Secret
11. CIAO - Live Video Chat
12. Astro Time & Daily Horoscope
13. Video Recorder / Reaction
14. Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor
15. Banuba: Face Filters & Effects
16. QR Code Reader - Scanner
17. QR Code Reader & Barcode PRO
18. Max Volume Booster
19. Face Reading - Horoscope 2020
20. Forecast Master 2019
21. mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker
22. Fortunescope: Palm Reader 2019
23. Zodiac Master Plus - Palm Scan
24. WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker
25. Avatar Creator - Cartoon Emoji
26. iMoji - Cartoon Avatar Emojis
27. Life Insight - Palm & Animal Face
28. Curiosity Lab-Fun Encyclopedia
29. Quick Art: 1-Tap Photo Editor
30. Astroline astrology, horoscope
31. Celeb Twin - Who you look like
32. My Replica - Celebrity Like Me

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