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450,000 signers called on the US to investigate the Bill Gates Foundation for crimes against humanity

While many countries are calling for the Chinese Communist Party to be held accountable and claiming damages from the government to cover up the information that has spread the disease globally, Bill Gates has always spoken as advocate for Beijing and the World Health Organization. Recently, more than 450,000 people signed to call on the US Congress to investigate the Bill Gates Foundation for medical mistakes and crimes against humanity.

Bill Gates raises money for WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently being questioned in the prevention of the Wuhan virus and helping the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hide the disease . Therefore, on April 14, US President Donald Trump announced a temporary cessation of funding for WHO.

However, shortly after President Donald Trump announced he would suspend the $ 400 million aid to WHO, on April 16, Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced he would personally donate 150 million. USD for WHO to research and develop vaccine.

In addition, in a CCTV interview, billionaire Bill Gates highlighted China's disease response measures, as well as China's role in helping countries suffering from the epidemic. The total number of corona virus infections in China, especially in Wuhan, is now very low. 

In another CCTV interview, billionaire Bill Gates praised China's role in the race to produce vaccines and control the spread of disease worldwide: "China has a pharmaceutical production line. They work on the principle of ensuring that products of high quality not only in China but also meet world standards. One of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's most important investments is its investment in Chinese vaccine production projects, especially in the fight against Wuhan pneumonia. 

"China can do a good job of vaccine research and play an important role in this race." 
In fact, many have accused Bill Gates of "bizarre" vaccine research and development plans, which seem to be silently destroying the human race of Africa.

Some netizens "Called for an 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation' investigation into risks of medical treatment and crimes against humanity" on the US White House petition website. As of April 28, more than 450,000 people signed up, asking the US Congress and related agencies to investigate the Bill Gates couple's fund.

CS, who initiated the co-signed campaign, accused Bill Gates of being a pioneer in promoting vaccine vaccination tracking technology and biometric authentication techniques. Bill Gates once publicly stated, "I hope that through vaccination, it will reduce the population growth rate by 10% to 15%."

At the same time, Bill Gates, UNICEF and WHO have been publicly accused of secretly adding human gonadotropin (HCG) antigen to a tetanus vaccine in Africa, intentionally causing infertility among Kenyan children. Moreover, Bill Gates is accused of funding research and developing vaccines to destroy the population.

Bill Gates defended the CCP during the pandemic
Since the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia, Bill Gates has been defending the CCP continuously, saying that he praised the CCP for "doing a lot of right things, and the United States is very bad." Recently, when the world demanded that the CCP be responsible for the pandemic, Bill Gates again said that this practice was "outdated".

In front of Bill Gates' speech, on April 27, Peter Navarro, White House trade adviser, in an interview with Fox News responded that the disease should have been contained and that it had happened. inside Wuhan, but the CCP has hidden the epidemic for 6 weeks.

He said: 
"They have spread such pathogens all over the world, thousands of thousands of Chinese people have flown to Milan, New York and other places, thus spreading the disease to the world. At the same time, the CCP dredged up all the personal protective equipment in the world, leading to health workers in places without adequate protective equipment. ”
"After the outbreak of the disease, the CCP again sold personal protective equipment at a high price in order to earn huge profits, the CCP even exported poor quality test kits to other countries." 
Mr. Navarro said bluntly: 
“Mr. Gates, whether or not the CCP is responsible, we have different opinions. But the truth is that - it is the CCP that has spread the virus to the whole world and we must never forget this. ”
Former White House strategist criticizes Bill Gates standing with 'Beijing devil'.

On April 27, President Trump's chief strategist and senior adviser Steve Bannon on his media also criticized that Gates stood with the Beijing devil. Bannon said in December of last year, Chinese physician Li Wenliang issued a warning on WeChat that "there was an unexplained case of pneumonia in Wuhan." Taiwan who had obtained this information from Dr. Ly Van Luong also emailed WHO to warn patients of coronary virus infection need to be isolated. 

This sentence completely implies that the virus can be transmitted from person to person.

Mr. Bannon pointed out, for these warnings, China has turned a blind eye, Bill Gates also turned a blind eye. Mr. Bannon harshly commented:
 "Bill Gates is a liar."

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