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8 Behaviors That Prove A Woman Is Getting Older


Japanese novelist Murakami Haruki once said:
 "Before, I always thought that people are slowly getting older, in fact not, but people can get old in the blink of an eye".  
Perhaps, one day, the woman will suddenly start to realize that she has changed so much compared to before. In a certain moment, when I look at myself in the mirror, I really only feel that my years of change are really old. 

Women are afraid of old age. But getting old really is not just about face, but aging in mind, in the soul.

1. No longer too concerned about dressing, nor pay attention to the eyes of others

Love the beauty, everyone has, especially women. Women often want their beauty to become the focus of attention of people around them. Going out also makeup, a little dress to help me more confident, just make people pay attention to look. That kind of pleasurable feeling has somehow helped them satisfy the so-called women's power.

But when a woman no longer cares about putting on makeup, feels comfortable to dress up, she is actually growing old, her mind has gradually cooled. They feel they do not need to pay too much attention to the issue of dressing, makeup, life should return to "simple beauty, simplicity". 

Perhaps in their minds they were thinking, wearing too flashy was not appropriate for this age, and then making everyone on the street look with abnormal eyes. But when they thought like that, didn't they admit that they were getting older? 

2. More and more quiet personality, do not like to talk as much as before

As one gets older, one's personality will also arise. Many people think that a woman will nag her whole life, the older she likes to nag. In fact, it is not so, women will often nag at those they care about and neglect strangers. For example, say, with children, they will often nag a whole life, hoping that children can live well, worried children will have to struggle hard outside.

In public places or crowded places, real-aged women don't want to talk, feeling very tired. Especially for young people, they feel there is a difference in the age of life, no matter what they say, they do not see the ears, so it is best not to speak. Moreover, middle-aged women often hide their inner feelings and do not want to talk much to others. 

My feelings, I understand myself, why ask others to understand me? Thinking like this, in fact is the characteristic of people who are gradually getting older.

3. Talking to your husband is not so much "nonsense" anymore

The young woman feels that love is everything of a person. Because of love, they can voluntarily leave their home country, give up work, leave their parents and finish. Many married girls far away have proved this point. With her husband, the woman will often chatter, hoping that her husband will focus all his attention on him. From a certain angle, it is also like "managing the husband", afraid that the husband will "fly away".

But later, the woman will realize that love is not all of life, in addition to love, there is also mother-child love, friendship, friendship, colleagues. Maybe the feelings were hurt, maybe it was love now became friendship, no need to say more. 

Talking to her husband immediately "got straight to the point", saying something, no need to chatter anymore, no more impatient feelings, jealousy to follow or think of all ways to keep her husband.

4. No more boisterous desires but prefer quiet alone

There is a saying: "The three women gathered into a market". The woman is like to chat together, but because of trifles that arise contradictions. Also like to see discount items in the market, see if there are any thrilling things on the street, always like the world.

As women get older, their moods become calm and they want to be quieter. Suddenly, one day I looked far away and told myself: "The joy of life is to be quiet"! Busy for a whole day, when I got home, I really did not want to say anything more. 

At times when there is nothing wrong, they crouch in a corner, feeling so good, with a lot of things no longer interested in them, maintaining a calm and calm mood. 

5. Want to travel more often, staying home often will be bored

There are so many things in life that no longer keep up, many people are getting old and have no time to see the world around them. But the conditions of life are getting better, the woman will want to take advantage of the time when she can still walk, trying to go far to explore the outside world, not wanting to be in the house forever.

"Don't leave too many things to make you regret", the speed at which you become older is often faster than the pace of making money. When a woman reaches a certain age, she will learn to cherish herself and take the time to travel. 

6. Things that are gone are no longer so bothering

Over the years, many things have gradually forgotten. Even if I can't forget it, it will gradually fade. How much the affairs of a person once overlooked then it is no longer affected by it. There are women who often pay close attention to feelings before, after marriage sometimes also recalled. But one day, he suddenly discovered that he could calmly face the feelings of the past. the same as before.

The things that didn't seem to bother before, were actually because they were getting old. Time is like an inadvertent wave, gradually leveling out all memories, the older the age, the more the memory becomes blurred. A lot of women when people mentioned things before often calmly replied "it doesn't seem like this has to be right", to them the previous stories did not seem impressed.

7. Understand the difficulties of parents, want to be with their parents more

The woman when she was young, felt that her parents could not do anything. Later, feeling parents do not stand out if compared to myself. But later, when I became a mother, people realized that it was not easy.

Especially when seeing the silver hairs on their parents' heads, their hearts will not be bitter, and they will love their parents more than ever. All the previous resentments immediately vanished. The woman will understand and sympathize more for her parents. 

The more they understand their parents, the more they fear the day their parents will leave. At the moment, they just want to be with their parents more. Such an expression is actually to say that we are already old, seeing that our parents have empathy. 

8. Gradually become indifferent to social things

In order for a woman's mind to change from being "amazed" to "casually accepting" everything, it is necessary to go through the torment of suffering in May, through the tug of the mind. Often women are quite weak. When faced with social unwholesome things, they immediately felt like they were hit by a weak point in their hearts. 

Later, witnessed it a lot, then they will get used to it, no longer mind. Seeing a lot of know-how, the experience of an increasingly rich person, is also gradually becoming old. The more social phenomena you witness, the more your age is actually growing. 

You also learn to work based on experience, no longer scared to see the monstrosity, but can think from many different angles.

There is a song, in which there are lyrics like this:

Where has time gone?We still have no time to feel the years when we were young and old.Having children to raise children for a lifetime, full of their heads is the laughter and cries of children.Suddenly looking back, the young blink of an eye has passed ... 
Everyone will grow old but please keep a good heart forever. An honest heart can keep you young forever ... 

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