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8 Signs You Need To Rest

If you have one of the following signs, you should consider resting for good mental health and good health when returning to work.

1. You watch videos for hours at the office.

Seriously, it could be comedy videos, animal videos, etc. But the problem is you don't focus on your work. What you really do is kill time at the office.

2. You make simple mistakes due to carelessness

When you stop paying attention, you tend to make careless mistakes. Your posts are covered with silly spelling mistakes, you send the wrong email to your partner or bewildered when asked for comments in the meeting, or the wrong name of a colleague.

3. You have difficulty controlling uncomfortable emotions

You are sad, upset, angry, frustrated or too sad for the ordinary things that feel like small things. This can happen to anyone. If you find your emotions are too sensitive or difficult to control, think about resting. It could be as simple as going out for a 30 minute walk. Take a deep breath, rethink yourself whether you need to rest.

4. You always feel exhausted

Are you tired after a day? That is normal. But if you get tired throughout the month, that's certainly not normal. Remember to get enough sleep and take care of yourself. Sometimes your efforts to accelerate to be super productive for a short time are not the solution to working for a long time.

5. You don't want to wake up to work
Turn off the alarm clock and the first thing you think of is: "I really don't want to go to work". You are no longer interested in the tasks at the company. Take some time for yourself. After you get out of this situation, you can think clearly and have a fresh view of what to do next.

6. You have trouble sleeping

You think too much in your head, your next project, the deadline, the profits you want to achieve ... These things dance in your head, making it impossible to sleep. If you are losing sleep from work, take a break. If not, the lack of sleep will affect your health and spirit, your work. It reduces your passion, energy and focus on work.

7. You feel physically tired, or suffer from minor illnesses

If you are stressed, insomnia, and work frantically for hours, your immune system will not be able to function properly leading to the risk of disease, get sick more often. Do not put your health in a bad situation and spend valuable time and money on the hospital. Instead, take some time to rest to regain your health quickly.

8. You daydream about quitting

In your head you are daydreaming about quitting, but there is no contingency plan or plan for what to do next. It is a clear sign that what you really want is just getting out of the office. Instead of making a quick decision, take time to rest to see what you really want.

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