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800 Frontline Doctors Tests Tuberculosis Vaccine Against Covid-19

Hundreds of doctors at front-line hospitals across the country will participate in testing for the TB vaccine in the prevention of COVID-19.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Nhung, Director of the Central Lung Hospital, said that the hospital has completed the testing protocol for tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine in the prevention of COVID-19 . Currently, this proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Health and is awaiting approval.

Testing of the BCG vaccine aims to clarify whether this vaccine helps reduce the level of lung damage in current Covid-19 patients. The study also compared the degree of symptom among patients who had ever injected BCG and other groups.

About 800 physicians working at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Hanoi, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City and a number of other hospitals will participate in the trial.

Currently, the BCG vaccine is also being tested in some COVID-19 patients and their direct contacts, of the adult age, advanced age ... and still no results.
Experts at the Central Lung Hospital also suggest conducting similar research in French-speaking countries, such as Cambodia.

The BCG tuberculosis vaccine has been included in the Vietnamese national expanded immunization program for over 30 years. Every newborn is given one shot at a time, at the same time as other vaccines such as hepatitis B. Health professionals do not recommend a repeat injection of BCG because it is less effective against TB.

Research is a prerequisite for a series of experiments around the world. US scientists are assessing the impact of the BCG vaccine, if tested effectively on 4,000 health care workers. In the Netherlands, 400 first-line doctors were also vaccinated. Similar research took place in Australia. 

However, there have been cases of BCG complications in adults. Therefore, the Director of the Central Lung Hospital recommends that people not arbitrarily inject BCG vaccines.

"If you rely on vaccines but do not strictly implement the preventive measures of the Ministry of Health including wearing masks, regularly disinfecting hands, implementing social distance then the disease will break out causing serious consequences."

 said Dr. Nhung.

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