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Adebayor Refused To Help Togo Against Covid-19

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor did not donate money to help his homeland fight the epidemic.
"My actions always come from my heart, not by the words of others," Adebayor said in a video streamed live on Facebook .
Covid-19 has spread to Africa. As of April 23, Togo had 88 cases, and 6 died. There have been many calls for rich people like Adebayor to contribute to Togo, so that the African nation has more resources to fight the epidemic. 

Earlier, former Barca striker Samuel Eto'o contributed a bailout to help Cameroon fight the epidemic.
 Another legend of African football - Didier Drogba - donates the Laurent Pokou hospital built by his charitable foundation, to support the Ivory Coast government.
"I'm sorry for the people who compared me to Samuel Eto'o and Didier Drogba. They asked me why not set up a charity, why not contribute. It's like I brought nCoV to Togo myself," Adebayor responded.
"I'm not like those two. I'm me. It's Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor. An advice for people who call me to donate: I won't do it. Everything is clear and simple. Thank you and good wishes. "he continued.
Adebayor is 36 years old, having previously played for Arsenal, Man City, Real Madrid and Tottenham. He joined the Paraguay Olimpia club shortly before the football tournaments were postponed by the pandemic. 

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