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American Newspaper Honors The Most Beautiful Golden Bridge In The World

Golden Bridge, Da Nang
Insider is a US news site, has 14 versions in different countries and an international version. Photo: Hien Phung Thu / Shutterstock.
Located at an altitude of 1,414 m above sea level, Cau Vang (belonging to Ba Na Hills tourist area) has an arc design, supported by two giant hands, reaching out to the blue sky. The bridge is 150 m long and 12.8 m wide with 8 spans as a transit point from the French village to Thien Thai garden in the tourist area. Completed and inaugurated in 2018, the bridge attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and take photos.
The Golden Bridge has been praised by many foreign news sites, travel magazines such as Time, CNN, and Guardian  in the world.

Helix Bridge, Singapore
Photo: Alux .
This is one of the 4 Asian bridges on the list mentioned above, besides the Golden Bridge, Vietnam; Chinese glass globe and Malaysia's Wawasan Seri bridge. 
Helix connects Marina trade center with the southern marina, in Marina Bay of lion island nation. The spiral design bridge, which mimics the geometric structure of DNA, is 280 meters long and is lit up every night and comes in a variety of colors. The glass arches here are made of glass to help visitors observe the night view of Singapore.

Pont Alexandre III Bridge, Paris, France

Pont Alexandre III is an arch bridge spanning the Seine, dubbed the most elegant, majestic and lavish bridge in the capital of light. After 3 years of construction, the bridge was inaugurated on the occasion of the 1900 International Exhibition, attracting millions of visitors. On either side of the bridge are 4 pillars, with gilded sculptures. 

Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence, Italy
                                             Photo: Sorincolac / iStock.
Built close to the Roman flyover, Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge to cross the Arno River in Florence until 1218. The current bridge was rebuilt after the flood in 1345, with many small houses with gates. book. The bridge used to be a small market with many shops selling meat, fish, tanning ... However, the waste caused water pollution in the area, so in 1593, only goldsmiths were allowed to do business on it. bridge.

Today, this place is a tourist stop to admire the view of the river. Shops on the bridge sell many souvenirs, jewelry ..

Tower Bridge, London, England
The bridge was built 125 years ago to reduce road traffic and support the crossing of the Thames, to the bustling London harbor. Designed with rotating paths to allow the train to pass, to this day, the Tower Bridge is one of the most famous and recognizable architecture of the city. 
Looking back, the bridge is like a palace floating in the middle of a river. Starting in 1982, visitors can visit the bridge with walkway on glass floors. 

Trift Bridge, Switzerland

This is the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps. With a height of 100 m and a length of 170 m, the bridge crosses the Trift Glacier.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

Completed in 1932, the dome bridge is one of Sydney's most famous landmarks, next to the Sydney Opera House. There is a pedestrian walkway. However, for a panoramic view, visitors must climb to the top of the bridge with instructions. 

Glacier Skywalk Glass Bridge, Alberta, Canada
With a length of nearly 400 m and a height of 280 m above the Sunwapta valley, the glass floor bridge is an ideal sightseeing spot for adventure-loving and fearless travelers. From here, you can see majestic snow-capped mountains, vast valleys and glaciers.

Golden Gate Bridge, California, USA
Golden Gate Bridge is the iconic architecture of the city of San Francisco and Marin County, California. The bridge is over 2.7 km long, spanning the Golden Gate, connecting the city and the northern tip of the San Francisco peninsula. Each year, the bridge attracts about 10 million visitors to visit, learn about history and sightseeing.
In addition to the above-mentioned bridges, the website also introduces Millennium Bridge, London; Rialto bridge, Italy; Forth Bridge, Unesco World Heritage site of Scotland .

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