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Australia Calls For Investigations Of The Worldwide Spread Of COVID-19

Australia has added pressure on China to handle newly added COVID-19 infections in the country, questioning transparency and requiring international investigation of its origin and spread of this deadly virus. 

The new strain of corona virus that caused the global COVID-19 pandemic is believed to have first appeared in a wildlife market in Wuhan in central China late last year. The epidemic has spread worldwide, infecting about 2.3 million cases and killing nearly 160,000 people.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said she was very concerned about China's transparency in the epidemic. Also noting that issues surrounding the deadly virus are issues that need important independent review.

Australia managed to control the disease in the country before putting public health systems under strain. On April 19, the country recorded 53 new cases, bringing the total to 6,586 people infected.

There have been 71 deaths in Australia. The occurrence of new cases has remained below 1% for seven consecutive days now, much lower than in many other countries.

Payne's call for an international investigation of the epidemic took place at a time when relations between Australia and China - the most important trading partner - were strained.
Relations have deteriorated amid Australia's allegations of Chinese interference in its domestic affairs, an increase in China's undue influence in the Pacific.

Australia's call for an investigation was also made as US President Donald Trump stepped up his criticism of China.
Trump and his senior aides also accused China of lack of transparency after the outbreak of COVID-19. Trump said China would face the consequences of being responsible for the pandemic.

However, the Chinese side rejected these criticisms and said that they were open about information and warnings to the world.

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