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Australia To Promote An Investigation Into The Wuhan Pandemic

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his country would promote an investigation into the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic, and the purpose of this is simply to make the world safer when the virus is present.

According to Reuters, on April 23, Mr MorrĂ­on said Australia would make the move at the annual meeting on May 17 of the World Health Council, which has the decisive role of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Diplomats believe the meeting will open up a discussion opportunity for an investigation proposed by Australia, a member of the World Health Council. According to the Taipei Times, Australia has almost survived the worst outbreak of the Wuhan virus, which is why it turned to lobbying other countries to support the investigation.

Earlier, Mr. Morrison had called leaders in France, Germany and the United States, and is expected to lobby in Britain and Canada to seek assistance from countries with similar ideas. France and Britain said on April 23 that it was not the time for the investigation to take place.

Mr. Morrison told reporters that he understood the countries' hesitation about the timing of the investigation and gave the suggestion:

“Our goal here is quite simple, we want the world to be safer when there is a virus.”
He said.

The Australian leader said the investigation was intended to gain a broad assessment of the Wuhan virus outbreak and the WHO response, and then make recommendations to strengthen WHO. Mr. Morrison also said that he supported the establishment of inspections of member states in an emergency, similar to a weapons inspection (i.e. scientists sent to a country with or with biological or nuclear weapons can be used to check United Nations resolutions on these weapons - Longman dictionary).

WHO is facing criticism for its weakness and Chinese propaganda statement about the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic. The head of WHO now faces an online petition with more than 1 million signatures asking him to resign.

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