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Billionaire Jeff Bezos Acquires An Apartment In New York For $16 million

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic that is plagued by the world, billionaire Jeff Bezos still spends $16 million to buy luxury apartments  in New York ,thanks to the significant increase in assets since the outbreak.

The source said that the founder and CEO of Amazon bought an apartment worth $ 16 million in the middle of this month. This apartment is adjacent to a 3-storey penthouse with a width of 930 m2 and 2 other apartments right in this apartment building with a total value of up to 80 million USD, the property records of the city mentioned.

According to Business Insider, the 3-bedroom apartment that the Amazon owner just bought is located on the 20th floor of the 212 Fifth Avenue luxury apartment building in Manhattan with views of Madison Square Park. This price is 43% higher than the price of 11.25 million USD / apartment sold in 2018.
Luxury apartment building 212 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan district, New York, USA. (Image: VisualHouse)
Jonathan Miller, chairman of Miller Samuel, a real estate valuation company not involved in the purchase, said the reason Jeff Bezos had to pay a higher price was because of the added value of the business. property adjacent adjoining a building in Manhattan.
According to some sources, the Amazon owner is trying to consolidate these apartments into a super-large house, and he has been licensed to build. However, the construction has not yet been constructed.
Billionaire Jeff Bezos currently owns a 3-storey penthouse with a width of 930 m2 and 2 other apartments at the 212 Fifth Avenue apartment building with a total value of up to $ 80 million. (Image: VisualHouse)
The three previous apartments of billionaire Bezos had a total of 12 bedrooms and a private lift. At 212 Fifth Avenue, apartment owners will have access to luxury facilities such as a mock golf course, swimming pool, gym, and high-end movie theater. Also in Manhattan district, the 56-year-old billionaire also owns up to 4 apartments located in The Century building.

It is known that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world today. According to Bloomberg estimates, Bezos is said to worth 144 billion dollars, ranked No. 1 on the list of the richest people in the world today.

At the end of the session on April 14, the stock price of the US e-commerce giant - Amazon increased 5.3% to the highest level ever, while raising the value of Jeff's assets. Bezos rose to $ 138.5 billion. This means, Amazon boss has "pocketed" an additional $ 24 billion when the world struggled because of the pandemic, thanks to online shopping services on Amazon used more.

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