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British Prime Minister First Appearance In Public After Being Infected With COVID-19

After 1 month of being infected with Covid-19, this is the first time that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appeared in public. He also returned to run the government today, and issued a warning about the second wave of epidemics if he hurriedly lifts the blockade.

Speaking outside the Prime Minister's Office at 10 Downing Street, London, today, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to maintain a blockade to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

"Every day, I know that this virus brings pain and mourning to many families across the country and this is the biggest challenge the country has faced since the war," Reuters quoted the Prime Minister Johnson.
This is the British Prime Minister's first public appearance since he was infected with Covid-19 on March 27. On April 5, he was admitted to the hospital due to symptoms of non-remission. A day later, he was transferred to the intensive care unit. 

Since leaving the hospital on April 12, 55-year-old Prime Minister Carrie Symonds and fiancée in the Chequers mansion, just outside London, are recovering. He returned to London yesterday.

He thanked all British people for complying with the blockade order for the past month to respond to Covid-19. Johnson insisted that Britain was about to end "the first phase of the war" and "begin to turn around the situation". 

However, he warned this was a "maximum risk" moment and called on people not to be impatient with the blockade.
These comments were made in the context of the British government, scientific advisers still arguing about the time and how to reactivate the economy between the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK is currently one of the countries hardest hit by the Covid-19 epidemic, with more than 20,000 deaths in hospitals as of the end of last week. Meanwhile, the blockade order lasted a month, causing the British economy to face the risk of the deepest recession in 3 centuries.

The British government's response to Covid-19 was criticized for its limited testing and lack of protective equipment for health workers. The country now faces the question of how the blockade will be extended so as not to cause a second outbreak.    

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