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Cancer patients with nCoV infection are more likely to die

People with Covid-19 have underlying blood or lung cancer, the risk of death is three times higher than that of normal people.
The research was published at the annual meeting of the American Cancer Society and published in the medical journal Cancer Discovery on April 28.

The scientists analyzed the medical data of 641 Covid-19 patients from 14 hospitals in Hubei province, the first epidemic in China. Of these, 105 people have cancer, the rest have normal health. All are the same age.    

Experts from China, Singapore and the United States found nCoV-infected cancer patients were three times more likely to die than average. Risk factors depend on age, tumor type, treatment method and stage of disease development. These patients also developed more severe Covid-19 symptoms, usually treated in an intensive care unit and on a ventilator.    
In fact, cancer also seriously weakens the body's immune system. Cancer patients are often older people who are more likely to get worse when infected with nCoV. 

Blood cancers, such as leukemia leukemia, lymphoma and bone marrow tumors, directly attack the immune system, reducing the natural defenses of humans, pushing patients into the state. critical.
The second group at high risk of death from Covid-19 is people with lung cancer. Due to inherent impaired lung function, their bodies are more vulnerable to virus attacks. Besides, some treatments, such as chemotherapy and surgery, also inhibit the immune system. The report shows that people who have completed cancer treatment, if infected with nCoV, are also more likely to have complications. But patients with early-stage cancer have relatively low risks, equivalent to those without.    
J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, associate medical director of the American Cancer Society, thinks the results of this study are important.
"It helps to reinforce previous claims that people with cancer are susceptible to viral infections, which tend to get worse and have worse consequences," he said.
The high mortality rate and serious complications after getting Covid-19 are just one of many risks that cancer patients face in the middle of a pandemic. They suffer from drug shortages or have to delay treatment due to hospital closure.    
"We have many challenges when trying to best care for patients," said Howard Burris, executive director of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, and president of the American Society of Clinical Cancer. He also noted that many hospitals are forced to postpone surgery, stressing that this may not affect early stage patients, but that it would be extremely dangerous for "those with tumors that spread quickly or are difficult to treat". .
Doctors are also concerned about the delay in cancer screening and screening, including breast endoscopy and screening, which is especially important for monitoring patients' health.

According to estimates of the American Cancer Society, in 2020, this country can record up to 1.8 million people with cancer and more than 60,000 deaths.

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