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China Detects A New Covid-19 Outbreak

Harbin City (China) - home to nearly 11 million people, became the new Covid-19 outbreak after authorities discovered dozens of positive cases of corona virus.

According to the Global Times, the government of Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, which borders Russia, on April 22, took measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic when sending security forces to guard at the entrance of the communists residential areas. 

In addition, the city government requires that people entering and leaving the city must wear a mask and body temperature test. All gatherings, weddings, and funerals are prohibited.

The city also requires the isolation of people from outside China or serious epidemic areas. Currently, Harbin City has recorded a total of 71 cases positive for Sars-CoV-2 virus. In addition, there are more than 4,100 other cases classified by the city health authorities as monitoring health status and isolation.

The reason for the outbreak of Covid-19 in Harbin city originated from an overseas student named Han returning from New York City, USA. She later spread the illness to relatives and nearby neighbors, and those infected with Covid-19 went to two hospitals to see the number of positive cases in the city of Harbin recently growing quickly.

The National Health Commission of China today said mainland China recorded 10 more cases of nCoV, including 6 cases of imported and 4 cases of domestic cases, down from 30 cases a day ago. The country also reported an additional 27 asymptomatic infections and no additional deaths.   

China currently records 82,798 cases, 4,632 deaths, while 984 asymptomatic cases are under medical surveillance. An additional 56 patients were discharged, bringing the number of people recovered to 77,207.

China is now believed to have taken good control of the pandemic and gradually relaxed its stringent restrictions. However, the constantly increasing cases of imported infections are raising concerns about a second outbreak in the country.

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