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China Schools Design Special Hat For Students To Sit 2m Apart

A school in Zhejiang province (China) has created special hats to help students sit 2 meters apart in the classroom, ensuring safety when going to school while affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Schools in Zhejiang province (China) started welcoming students back to school on April 27 after the school holidays to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure the safety for students to return to the classroom, Yangzheng Elementary School teachers have created special hats that can help them sit 2m apart - a safe distance to avoid epidemics when contact.

From early in the morning, the first kids in the 1m long hat happily go to school. A representative of the school said the initiative helped remind students to maintain a distance of 1m or more.

Before returning to school, the teacher contacted the parent and child to make a one-meter hat, then wore them to school on the first day. Material made of caps from materials safe, environmentally friendly, cheap and can be made at home. 

Students can freely create shapes, characters, colors, depending on their preferences to make the hat more vivid.
In addition, the school also requires students to comply with all requirements such as not touching other people or damaging their classmates' hats.

In addition, on the first day of school, students of the school also take the knowledge test against the epidemic, introduce the hat they have made or sing along with the anti-epidemic song, ... These things are to help children Develop good habits through experiential activities.

Many people think that these special hats have large wings that look like the hats that Song officials have worn in dramas.

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