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China To Build The World's Largest Stadium

China is about to become the nation with the largest football stadium in the world with more than 100,000 seats.

Chinese soccer team, Guangzhou Hang Dai, has started to build a new stadium, replacing Tianhe Stadium with a capacity of 54,000 seats. According to the announcement of the red shirt team, after being put into use, their new stadium is enough to welcome more than 100 thousand fans, that is, surpassing the current capacity of the Nou Camp.

The home of Barca Club is the largest football stadium in the world with a capacity of 99,354 seats. As such, China will become the country with the largest stadium in the world.

Guangzhou Evergrande's new yard was built next to Guangzhou's south station, with an estimated cost of US $ 990 million. In addition to having a large area, the equipment for the visitors is very modern, equivalent to the leading football fields in Europe.

The Chinese club invited 8 leading architects from the US, UK, Germany and Australia to ensure the new look of the new pitch. According to the original design, this stadium will be inspired by lotus and elliptical. 

The construction of Guangzhou Evergrande's new stadium is expected to take more than 30 months, meaning that it will open to NHM by the end of 2022.

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