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Constipation – Causes, Symptoms And Remedies

What is constipation?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bay (Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy) said that constipation is defined as patients who have not had a bowel movement for more than 3 days or twice a week. In addition, constipation is also assessed by the quality of stool such as hard, dry stools, clumping, solid, difficult to move out, when going to the stool, the patient has to push hard.

Signs of constipation

In addition to relying on bowel movements and stool quality, you can identify constipation by symptoms like:
Abdominal pain, discomfort, uneasiness in the body.
When going to the toilet, you have to push many times because the stool is dry, hard, hard to move out.

After going to the toilet, he was tired.
Anal pain.
There is a feeling that you want to have a bowel movement, but when you go to the toilet, you cannot go to the toilet.

The cause of constipation

Constipation is caused by the "slow" movement of the large intestine and the accumulation of internal feces. There are many causes of this situation such as:

1.      Functional constipation

Functional constipation is not caused by an internal injury, it is caused by poor living habits, lack of science or the use of drugs that cause dehydration. Specifically:

Constipation due to the habit of fasting the bowel movement: 
The fasting of a bowel movement can cause the analysis to store much inside the large intestine, which in a long time will constitute hard stool and cause constipation. 
Due to lack of science: Diets lack of fiber, drink less water, eat more hot spicy food, drink a lot of alcohol, stimulants, ... is the cause of constipation.
The habit of sitting a lot: Sitting a lot, being sedentary will put pressure on the anorectal area. This is also the cause of constipation.
Due to stress, anxiety disorders, Dr. Bay said, people with mental disorders, stress, anxiety disorders too much are prone to constipation.
Medication: Certain medications can also cause dehydration, making poor bowel movements. This is also a common cause of constipation.

2.    Constipation entity

Physical constipation due to obstructions in the path of the stool, preventing the stool from being expelled. Such obstructions may be due to rectal tumors, colon or congenital lesions such as aneurysm or anal fissures or hemorrhoids .
Dr. Bay said that pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy, the fetus will squeeze into the rectum, sub-frame should be prone to constipation. In addition, internal surgery cases can cause ligament sticking after surgery, inflammation, congestion can cause colorectal narrowing, making stool difficult to expel, causing constipation.

Harm of constipation

Constipation if not corrected early can cause the following effects:
The patient has pain in the abdomen, always feeling uncomfortable.
Constipation affects the upper gastrointestinal tract, reduces the absorption of food, patients with anorexia, long-term will lead to lack of nutrients provided to the body. 
Long-term constipation can cause toxins to accumulate inside, then be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause adverse effects such as pimples, skin itching , irritability, gray skin, mental stress ... .
More severely, chronic constipation can be a cause of cancers, internal medical problems as a result of internal obstruction.

So, when you have symptoms of constipation, you should find ways to overcome or visit the doctor to determine the cause and timely treatment.

How to cure constipation?

According to Dr. Bay, there are many ways to treat constipation, from medication to non-medication, however, you need to identify the cause of constipation to have the appropriate treatment.

Here are some ways to overcome constipation effectively:

1.      Non-pharmacological methods

Eat plenty of fiber like jute , spinach, amaranth, ripe papaya, mango, sweet potato , sesame, etc.These foods help clean the intestines, soften the stool so that stool is easier to move out.
Drink enough water every day, on average 2.5 to 3 liters of water to help metabolize food and soften stool.
Practice the habit of having a bowel movement every day, morning or evening. When you wake up in the morning, drink 1 cup of warm water, then go to the toilet, this habit will be maintained to help "fight back" constipation effectively. 
Exercise every day , exercise, sports regularly.

2.    Method of drug administration

According to folk experience, people with constipation can use psyllium seeds or aloe vera (aloe vera) to cook with green beans. Or in daily meals can add spinach soup cooked with spinach. These foods both help cool the body, clear blood vessels, and have a laxative effect, helping to combat constipation.
Using Eastern medicine: Buffalo leaf is a traditional medicine with effective treatment for constipation. However, buffalo leaves also work to eradicate, so use only in small quantities. Every day you can pick 2-3 leaves of steamed buffalo leaves and eat or cook water. In addition, rhubarb is also a remedy to help relieve cases of constipation, but when using this medicine, a Chinese medicine doctor should prescribe the dosage.

Thus, constipation is not a serious disease but it can also have a significant impact on health and quality of life. Therefore, follow a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to prevent this disease.

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