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Cordyceps-Uses And It's Effect To Men

What is cordyceps?

Cordyceps, also known as Caterpillar Fungus, Caterpillar Mushroom, Champignon Chenille, is the name given to the Chinese by observing the reality of a winter creature in the shape of a "worm" but summer has a "friendly" shape.

In fact, cordyceps are essentially a parasitic form of a fungus called Cordyceps sinensis of the Ascomycetes group of fungi on the body of a caterpillar (a type of butterfly larva). In the winter, the larvae lay on the ground, the fungus grows into the entire larva body and "absorbs" nutrients that cause the larvae to die. In the summer, the fungus grows buds from the ground but the root is still attached to the deep head, so it is called cordyceps.

Cordyceps originated in Tibet China and many studies show that only the soil and climate in some parts of Tibet have the "standard" cordyceps. In some other parts of China such as Sichuan, Thanh Hi, Cam Tu, Yunnan ... there are also parasitic fungi on the caterpillar but not Cordyceps Sinensis so these types have poor chemical composition and quality. poor and of little medical value.

Chemical composition and cordyceps effect in modern medicine

1.      Chemical composition

Many studies show that cordyceps contains about 25 - 32% protid (some reports this rate can be up to 42%).

When hydrolyzed, cordyceps contains up to 14-19 different amino acids: aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine, histidine, glycine, threonine, arginine, tyrosine, alanine, triptophan, methionine, valine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine , ornithine, lysine .

In addition, this medicinal herb contains 8.4% fat; 7 - 29% D-manitol. Vitamins such as: A, B1, B2, B12, C and trace elements such as Na, K, Ca, Mg, Al, Mn, Cu, Zn, Bo, Fe, Tc ... among which the highest is phosphoreum.
 Besides, some other substances such as uracil, adenine, adenine nucleoside, ergosterol, cholesteryl palmitate ... are also found in cordyceps.

1.      Effects of cordyceps

Although there are still many issues that need to be further studied, but so far scientists have also recorded many excellent pharmacological effects from cordyceps, such as:

Improve liver function: cordyceps help improve liver function in people with cirrhosis and hepatitis B .

Increasing endurance: Using cordyceps can help increase body energy in the elderly with chronic diseases. An experiment conducted in 2014 showed that people aged 40 - 70 years who were given cordyceps for 12 weeks had an increase in physical endurance compared to the placebo group.

Kidney detoxification: Cordyceps has a tonic effect on kidney, enhances the detoxification function. In addition, it helps decompose and neutralize waste and toxins inside the body, maintaining a healthy body environment.

Lungs: One of the uses of cordyceps is to help improve respiratory function. Especially for those who have cough for a long time does not cure.

Immune system: Clinical studies show that cordyceps polysaccharide in cordyceps has the ability to enhance the absorption of nutrients by the cells, help improve the immune system, thereby limiting the penetration of bacteria.

Nervous system: Cordyceps is also used to improve hemoglobin concentration, increase oxygen supply, keep a clear mind, calm the nervous system and improve sleep quality.

Reduce fatigue: Some amino acids in cordyceps function to regulate the metabolism, help restore energy, reduce fatigue.

Blood circulation: Diosmol in cordyceps is an extremely beneficial substance for the circulatory system, because it helps increase blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, fight hematoma and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Good for tendons: Cordyceps is recognized as a medicine that can relieve back pain , knee fatigue, soft tendons due to lack of blood.
In addition, cordyceps also has anti-inflammatory effects, slowing down the aging process, anti-convulsions and anti-cancer.

In Oriental medicine, Cordyceps has any effect?

Cordyceps is a medicine that helps boost the health (Source: Internet)

In Oriental Medicine, Cordyceps is a medicine that has been recorded in the draft of an item (1765) . According to the medical letter, cordyceps has a sweet taste, moderates, into two meridians and kidneys. It is a medicine with the effect of yin and tonic, treating coughing up blood , sweating, impotence, sperm, after being sick, tired people ... Cordyceps is also ranked at No. 8 in Positive tonic group includes 28 flavors.

Here are some common remedies that use cordyceps:
Anemia, impotence, spermatosis: Cordyceps 20g, potential with lean meat or chicken, then used.

Pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis, chronic bronchitis, prolonged cough, asthma: Cordyceps 6g, fairy crane 15g, cypress 20g, sugar alum just enough, excellent drink every day.

Painful back pain, semen, impotence, premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation, white blood: Three turtles about 1kg preliminarily processed (complemented by quarter), more cordyceps 10g, red apples 20g and materials just enough spices, put in the steamer for 2 hours, then use.

Elderly or chills, backache knee pain: Cordyceps 10g, soaked with 0.5 liters of white wine. After 1 month, use. Each time use 10 - 15ml.
People with tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis: Cordyceps 15g, skeptical paint 50g, evil chicken 100g, cook soup.

Treatment of anemia due to blood regeneration disorders: Cordyceps 6g, ginseng 6g, yang yang or 10g, dong quai 10g, goji berries 12g, 12g virgin girl, millet blood 12g, white dahlia 15g, royal period 30g, knotweed 30g. Put all the herbs into the clay pot, add water twice, simmer for 1 hour, get water. Use 2 times a day, on an empty stomach.

Renal failure is impotent, tiredness, tired back, knee pain: Cordyceps 9g, weighted 15g, shrimp 30g. All materials put into soil pot, add water sharp, get water. Drink 2 times in the morning and afternoon.

Girdle, tonic blood, black beard, sweating, sperm, impotence: Cordyceps 10g. Lust in half an hour, get drinking water. On 1 ladder divided into 2 times.

From ancient times to the present, cordyceps is considered a superior medicine in Eastern medicine as well as modern medicine. However, due to its high value, cordyceps is not a common medicine. Although there are now many advertisements for cordyceps grown in vitro, it works extremely well. However, in vitro cultivation, no matter what it is, will not be of the natural kind, because in vitro does not collect enough air and soil like the outside.

On the other hand, cordyceps is just a drug, if you want to use it effectively, you need to coordinate with other herbs. Therefore, you should carefully research the information before using to avoid "money loss disability".

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