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Coronavirus: Queen Elizabeth II cancels birthday tradition for first time in 68 years amid UK lockdown

Queen Elizabeth II would reportedly not be holding any special occasion to mark her 94th birthday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesman from the Buckingham Palace has just revealed at the queen’s request that for the first time in her 68 year of reign there would be no form of gun salutes in the royal park as it did not feel appropriate due to the situation of the country.

  It was also noted that a social media post will mark the day on Tuesday, but any calls with the family will be private.
The Department for Culture Media and Sport have written to government buildings giving them the customary advice on flag flying protocol but also included the following instructions:
“In the current circumstances we are not expecting everyone to be able to follow this advice and you should continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines as set out by the Government.”

'As has already been announced, there will be no Trooping in June and there are no plans currently for any alternative marking of her official birthday.' 
The Queen will mark her birthday on April 21st privately at the Windsor Castle, where she has been staying with her 98 year old husband Prince Philip since leaving Buckingham Palace on March 19th.

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