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Couple To Pay $600 for Disobeying Covid19 Isolation Order In Singapore

Spontaneously going out, eating on public benches and even having an intimate act openly right in the middle of the social order to take action against Covid-19, the young couple in Singapore had to pay a fine of 600 USD. 

In the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic , many countries have adopted social spacing in their communities to maintain a safe distance for everyone in public, Singapore is no exception. However, on April 14, the Singaporean social network appeared a video recording of an intimate couple in the middle of the street, despite the previous social separation order.

According to the Straits Times, the couple in the video, despite the plague, went out to eat on public benches and of course did not wear masks in the Upper Boon Keng area. Even, the girlfriend initially sat on the opposite side of the table but then casually lay her head on her boyfriend's lap and showed intimate hugging and kissing signs. All this action takes place when the area is still covered with sealed wires, banning gathering.

Quickly, people recorded this scene and reported it to the police. They were soon present: 

"We received many phone calls from people saying that a couple violated social order. The girl was identified as a local, 19 years old, and her boyfriend 20 age, "the police said.

The couple was later charged with violating their social order for fines of $ 300 per person. At the same time, before letting the couple go home, the Singaporean police also informed them of the need for serious compliance with social isolation.

Cases of violating the command of spacing are not less in the world. Mr. Mike Newton, of the Devon and Cornwall Police, shared about one such case. Specifically, a family (undisclosed name) in London, England on 12/4 was police fined for driving to the town of Torquay just for fishing, amid the country is enforcing blockade orders nationwide in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

On April 5, two British police were forced to pour water to extinguish a barbecue grill on the beach of the two residents. Despite the blockade, the two men did not accept returning home, causing an officer to fill the helmet with water and pour it into the fire. The incident occurred at Hove beach, Brighton. The two were later summoned to court for violating the Corona Virus Act 2020.

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