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COVID-19: Ikpeazu Imposes Curfew On Abia

Abia Governor, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has just reportedly imposed a six hour curfew on all the 17 local government areas of Abia state.

The governor made this pronouncement during a press conference at the Abia State Governor’s Lodge in Aba, the commercial center of the state on Sunday 26th April.

He added that the curfew, will last for seven days and will begin by 6pm and end by 6 am everyday in addition to the ongoing stay-at-home order that has already been imposed.

He also added that three local governments in the state which includes: Umuahia North, Ikwuano and Ukwa West respectively would be on total lockdown within these seven days of the curfew. He added that the 237 persons that were identified to have come in contact with the index cases in the state are already in the state’s isolation centers.

He lamented on the lack of support from the traditional rulers from the above mentioned local governments in the state to health workers in order to identify COVID19 contacts.

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