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Covid-19: The Number Of Infections In Russia Exceeds 47,000

Today, Russia recorded 4,268 more cases, bringing the total number of positive cases to the new strain of coronavirus to 47,121, an increase of about 10% compared to the previous day. Moscow, the Russian center of the Covid-19 epidemic, recorded an additional 3,570 cases a day, bringing the total to 24,324.

The number of deaths increased by 44, bringing the total number of deaths to 405. The number of people recovering to date is 3,446 after recording 155 more cases of recovery. 
Russia has conducted a total of more than two million nCoV tests and about 135,000 people are under medical supervision. The country has also set up a hotline to publicly update the disease situation. 

Anna Popova, head of the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center, last week warned nearly 30% of nCoV infections in Russia were asymptomatic, particularly in Moscow at 52%. Ms. Popova recommends that people continue to "stay at home and avoid contact" to soon return to normal life. 

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