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"COVID Toes" –A Strange Symptom That Can Help Diagnose COVID-19 Early

Since the first days of the pandemic, doctors have sought to distinguish COVID-19 from other similar respiratory diseases. Recently, dermatologists have mentioned a very strange phenomenon in Covid-19 patients called "COVID toes.”

According to the Lao Dong newspaper, COVID-19 patients cough, fever, and feel tired, symptoms similar to seasonal flu, the common cold and even severe allergies. Finding the special symptoms of COVID-19 proved to be difficult.
What is Covid Toes?

Spanish researchers found that some COVID-19 patients had small foot lesions that were easily visible. They are purple lesions, very similar to chickenpox, measles or limb, usually on the toes and often heal without a trace.

Therefore, the General Council of the Spanish College of Pediatric Specialists (CGCOP) issued a statement explaining the strange symptoms that appeared saying: "Many cases are being observed in different countries: Italy, France, Spain. A curious discovery began to spread in the medical community on April 8, mainly between dermatologists and foot specialists."

The statement said more and more COVID-19 patients had these strange symptoms, especially in children and adolescents; however, it was also detected in some adults.
Earlier, on March 8, a 13-year-old boy spotted red bruises on his foot and was originally thought to be due to a spider bite.

However, the 13-year-old later developed symptoms of COVID-19 and after investigating, doctors discovered his sister and mother had a fever, cough and shortness of breath 6 days before he left showed leg injuries. The Council continues to research more on the scientific evidence of this symptom.

What causes "COVID toes"?

Although the research has just recently begun, experts have reportedly come up with a number of theories. Dr. Esther Freeman, who is working at Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), said that the virus may have caused the infection. This phenomenon which is similar to gingivitis when the skin is inflamed with signs of swelling.

Thrombosis may also occur in Covid-19 patients.
“I'm not sure for one reason or another. It is possible that any other factor may contribute to this phenomenon. ” 
said Dr. Freeman.

Of all the symptoms that can appear on the skin of infected patients, "COVID toes" may be the most characteristic of them all. However, Dr. Freeman is still quite cautious and added that he has not used this characteristic to refer to going back to being sick.

Some other skin symptoms of COVID-19

According to the American Society of Dermatology, patients with COVID-19 may have symptoms similar to those caused by other viral infections. Doctors have shown some basic signs which includes: swelling in the limbs; vascular lesions of the hands and feet with severe patients. Necrosis have also been noticed in people who have pronounced symptoms and underlying disease.

The importance of detecting "COVID toes" does not lie in the situation itself. This can be a way to prevent you from spreading the disease to others without characteristic COVID-19 symptoms. Testing is the best way to determine who is infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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