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David Beckham: 'Messi Is On A Higher Level Than C- Ronaldo'

In an interview with Télam news agency (Argentina) on April 18, former British player David Beckham identified Lionel Messi as "unique" in the world, and at a higher level than Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Beckham said:
 "To me, Messi is a player that almost no one can compare with him. Even Cristiano Ronaldo is not on the same level as him. But both of them are above the rest of the ball. rock the world ".
In more than 20 years of professional play, Beckham has not once compared to Ronaldo, but both have one thing in common is that they used to play for Manchester United. 

As for Messi, Beckham once had a meeting in the Champions League. At that time, Beckham was 37 years old, wearing Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) shirt to meet Messi's Barcelona (then 24 years old) in the Champions League quarter-finals. 

In the end the two teams drew 3-3 after two matches, Barcelona won the ticket to go on thanks to the away goal rule.

Messi (32) played a total of 750 games, scoring 638 goals; Ronaldo (35) played 838 matches, scoring 626 goals.

 For the past decade, Messi and Ronaldo have always been the subject of world football fans arguing around the topic: who is the one between the two. From Beckham's comment, it will definitely continue. sparked new controversies on social networks.

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