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Despite China's Economic Threat, Australia Will Still Investigate The Source Of nCoV

Australia's commerce minister, Simon Birmingham, said the Wuhan pneumonia was a major public health problem, so it was essential to find out its origin. He also asserted that this would be done without being "hindered by any economic pressure or threat" from Beijing. 

In an interview with ABC Radio AM on April 28, Mr. Birmingham said, "Australia's position is very clear. We believe that an investigation should be conducted to confirm the cause of the disease, which killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world. "

Mr. Birmingham's remarks came after Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, on April 26, said in an interview with the Australian Financial Review (AFR) that if Australia continued to investigate the source of Wuhan virus, it is possible that Australia will lose a large number of tourists from China.

Moreover, Nghiep threatened that if the relationship between the two countries became bleak, China might stop importing beef and wine from Australia. Birmingham said he was disappointed with Nghiep's remarks, and reiterated the view that it was necessary to investigate the source of the Wuhan virus so a pandemic like this "would never be repeated".

Despite this, Mr. Birmingham said that Australia "still hopes to have a positive relationship with China", but it needs to be built "on a reliable and transparent basis", even if the investigation takes place.

On personal Twitter, Senator Concetta Fierrabidei-Wells responded to the Chinese Ambassador's remark that, "Sadly, the Chinese government's pleasing has become the highlight of foreign policy" based on on our Chinese tourists.

 "Just last year, three Chinese warships were allowed to visit Sydney on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre ! It will take more political courage to say no to China. "

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