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Dozens Of Sailors On Italian Yachts In Japan Have COVID-19

On April 22, the Japanese city of Nagasaki announced that at least 34 sailors aboard Italy's Costa Atlantica yacht, anchored in Nagasaki port, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus. .

According to an Asian News Agency correspondent, local authorities said the Costa Atlantica ship arrived in Nagasaki in January for repairs. Over the weekend, the ship owner contacted the local government to ask for testing to help suspect cases on board. Japanese functional forces have sent test kits to health workers to conduct tests.

Of the first 4 tests conducted on board, 1 was positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus on April 20. Subsequently, the medical staff examined 57 more sailors and discovered a total of 34 cases on April 22. It is expected that other sailors will also be tested. None of the ill people are currently in critical condition.

Nagasaki provincial governor Hodo Nakamura said ill people and other sailors were still on board. The Nagasaki government is taking measures to prevent this outbreak from spreading more widely. Accordingly, minor illness cases will continue to be under medical supervision on board, while those with serious illness will be treated at medical facilities in this province. After conducting the PCR test with the remaining cases, the negative people will be allowed to return to the country.

The Japanese Ministry of Health has sent a team of experts to Nagasaki, coordinating the case resolution with local authorities in order not to spread the disease. The Nagasaki government also plans to request assistance from the Japanese Self-Defense Force to cope with this difficult situation.

Costa Atlantica yacht, with a tonnage of 86,000 tons, carrying the Italian flag, has a total of 623 crew members and service personnel. Because the ship is under maintenance, there are no tourists on board. Reportedly, the Italian Government has also proposed coordinating with Japan to resolve this case
Previously, Japan had to handle a large case on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, parked in Yokohama city, after a person on board was positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus. More than 700 people aboard were sick and 13 died.

On the same day, a childcare center at Saiseikai Central Hospital in Tokyo recorded 8 cases of COVID-19. According to local media, an employee working at this center tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus on April 16, so the functional force conducted a full test. set of people in the center. All 8 children with COVID-19 had no common symptoms such as fever.

Saiseikai Central Hospital has not commented on the information.
With the spread of COVID-19, flower lovers in Japan will have to wait until next year to see the vibrant colors of the tulips, by the Sakura city government. Tokyo, 50 km to the east, has postponed the annual tulip festival to encourage people to implement a social gap to prevent and combat COVID-19.

Currently Sakura Furusato Hiroba Park - where the flower festival takes place, has removed more than 100,000 tulips. The cut flowers were given back to kindergartens.

In the context of the increasing number of people who need testing, Japan's Ministry of Health is considering adopting antibody tests to screen COVID-19 more quickly. It is expected that in the next May, the ministry will approve the use of an antibody test kit, using nasal mucus. However, because this test kit is less accurate than the PCR test, Japanese officials are considering which case will be tested for antibodies.

According to data, up to 15:00 (Vietnam time), Japan recorded 11,512 cases of COVID-19, and 281 deaths.

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