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Effects Of Baby Formula On Babies

Baby formula contains genetically engineered ingredients that have serious health effects.

The top three infant formula companies were found to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their products. GMOs can cause autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and underdeveloped limbs.

Recently, Nestlé, the parent company of the Gerber infant formula brand, has removed GMOs from South African products, but has not removed them in other markets.

According to Earth We Are One and Natural Society, GMOs should be restricted or banned in children's products. Unfortunately, the top three baby formula companies incorporate genetically modified plants, corn, sugar beets and soy, in their products.


Similac products are manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world. Similac is made from lots of corn and soy GMOs. Large-scale production around the world makes it unable to have enough non-GM materials to meet global demand.


Products developed by Mead Johnson Nutrition and recognized as the number one brand for babies However, just looking at the list of ingredients of a basic Enfamil product also makes parents Mom must care.

The most common ingredient in Enfamil baby formula is corn syrup. Most corn syrup is produced from genetically modified corn. Most of its brands have ingredients from GMOs such as: Enfamil with Iron, Enfamil with Low Iron, Enfamil Lacto Free, Enfamil 22, Enfamil Next Step, Enfamil Nutramigen, and Enfamil Pro-Soybee.


In the past, the Gerber (Nestlé International) product was completely organic and did not contain GMOs. Gerber products currently contain GMOs from soybeans and corn, sold mainly in the US market.

The current genetically modified crops are mainly soybean (soybean), maize and cotton. In addition to ensuring that food for a huge population continues to grow, genetically modified crops also contribute to reducing soil and groundwater pollution, cleaning metal-contaminated soil and minimizing labor costs.

However, GMOs can have a negative impact on the human body, which can cause ecological imbalances. Many ideas that the transplant of strange genes into foods will have adverse effects on human health such as allergies, reduced resistance, even cancer.

Several studies have also shown genetically modified foods to pose serious health risks for toxins, allergies and immune function, reproductive and metabolic health, physiology and genetics. .
"The ban on GMOs is necessary, at least for the next 10 years. While GMOs are banned, we need to go up."

said Irina Ermakova, a representative from Global Research, a representative of the Russian National Genetic Safety Association. 

Plan experiments, test carefully about GMOs, or introduce new research methods there is a proven fact that not only in Russia, but also in many other countries in the world that GMOs are dangerous.

The method of cultivation of GMOs is not perfect, therefore, at this stage, the GMOs is not really safe for your health. Consume and use of GMOs have been proven to lead to tumors, cancer letter and obesity in animals. 

We should prevent GMOs from becoming popular to conduct more thorough research on it. 

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