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Facebook Added New Emoticons Related To Covid-19

Facebook said, this emoticon means "care" and "support", sharing with each other during Covid-19 is causing people to temporarily separate from each other.

In the context of many countries around the world having to blockade or socialize to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, Facebook has added a new emoticon to its social networking platform. , with the image of a person smiling and holding his heart.

Facebook says the emoticons mean "care" and "support". The world's largest social network hopes its new emoticons will help people feel more connected to each other, especially among family members, friends, colleagues ... in the context of people cannot meet face to face because of the disease.
In addition to the "interest" icon on Facebook, this social network also adds the "interest" icon on the Messenger messaging app. Specifically, it was a picture of a fluttering purple heart.

Facebook, communications manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa shared: 
 “We will launch emoticons of“ interest ”on Faceabook and Messenger, as a way for people to share interest and support. for other people in this unprecedented time ”.
The new emoticons will be updated to the app and web versions of Facebook and Messenger as soon as this week. Like other emoticons on Facebook such as "Like", "Favorite", "Sad", "Wrath" ... users simply put the mouse pointer on the "Like" button (for the Facebook version on the computer) or press and hold the "Like" button (on the app version) to select a new emoticon.

Meanwhile, with Messenger, "interested" emoticons will be used to replace the inherent "favorite" emoticons. Users will have to press and hold on the "favorite" icon on Messenger to switch to new emoticons.

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