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Facebook, Google To Pay Royalties News In Australia

The Australian Government has announced that Google and Facebook will have to pay media companies in Australia to get permission to use their press.

According to Bloomberg News , today (Australia's Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg said today because the negotiations between the two US technology giants and traditional media platforms were unable to come to a self-agreement. 

Therefore, the Australian government will join and the competition watchdog will publish a draft law on charging copyright news by the end of July.

The Australian Government is committed to addressing "power inequalities" between digital and traditional media giants.

Frydenberg said the Australian government "understood the challenges" in forcing technology companies to pay for news content, after similar efforts in France and Spain had failed. .

However, Mr. Frydenberg said that the payment may be based on the cost of the article content, or the added value of the digital platform when using the article information.

The Australian government notice is the latest response to the Australian Consumer Protection and Competition Commission's high-impact report that raises concerns about the use and storage of personal data as well as photos. Negative influence of digital platforms with mainstream media.

From December 2019, Australia announced that it had set up a special unit in the competition watchdog to monitor digital platforms.

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