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Fayemi Extends Lockdown In Ekiti By Six Days

Governor Fayemi 

Ekiti State Governor, Governor Kayode Fayemi, has just reportedly extended the current lockdown that was imposed on the state for six more days, which is to last till Sunday, May 3, 2020.

The governor also added that this lockdown will be relaxed starting from Monday, May 4th to allow for some essential and limited number of activities 3 days a week, and the days include on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays till further notice.

The Governor also added that there will be curfew in the state starting from 6pm to 6am daily until further notice and also that no human traffic or vehicular traffic whatsoever will be allowed except for verified medical emergencies only.

The Governor added that business activities in the state will only resume only for 3 days a week starting from 7am to 4pm on the selected days, the governor added that this was done in order for the residents and the self-employed to be able to earn some income to feed themselves and their families during this lockdown and not depending on the governments palliatives.

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